2017-08-05 42 -78

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Sat 5 Aug 2017 in 42,-78:
42.5327826, -78.2276548

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On the edge of Wing Street a bit south of Bliss, NY.



This is pretty close to some land my parents own and just one and a half (country) blocks away. I'll aim for an Official Saturday Meetup time and stop by the property after. While the dogs will be with me for the hike after, I'll just leave them in the car for the hash since it's on the edge of the road. I'm thinking I should be able to park on the opposite side of the street. The deep ditch is covered over for what looks like a very old driveway to a small brush filled property that's been separated from the field surrounding it.


So I decided to leave earlier so they would be tired while they waited in the car at the hash. The new plan was to hit the property first and then the hash on the way home. However, as we were driving down Genesee Rd. I saw the parking lot of the County Forest completely empty. Changing my mind again, we stopped here to explore this very interesting forest. It's like you are walking and suddenly the entire forest is different. First it's mostly pines, then it's hardwoods, then a mix. Really neat area as we followed the trails. We got to a bridge over a larger creek when my alarm went off to turn around, but I let the dogs play in the water for a few minutes first.

Getting back to the car and on our way, we had no trouble finding the hash-road. Getting close, I was able to park without trouble as the ditch was further away than it looked in the satellite pictures. Walking over, it was a simple GPS dance to the very nice 0.00 distance to go reading and right at the 16:00 Official Meetup time too. Getting my pictures, we then headed to the property for a second short hike.

On the hike, I got to see a new bug that at first I thought was an immature hummingbird. It was about as big as my thumb and was red and had olive on it's back. The tail looked funny though and when I got home, the bird book did not agree. I ended up getting lucky on a google search and found it to be a Moth called the Hummingbird Clearwing. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of it; as I was ready to take a video, Myka came barging through the brush and scared it off.



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