2015-08-25 42 -78

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Tue 25 Aug 2015 in 42,-78:
42.5297678, -78.7968952

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In a field next to an abandoned farm house on New Oregon Rd



As I have to work late bringing a system back to the Production site from Disaster Recovery(testing), I will drive to the hash and then go to the store for some items we need. If I didn't have to work late, I would have considered riding the bike, but I don't want to run out of daylight.


I arrived almost right at 19:00 with no issues and found the house by the hash. Seeing no posted signs and knowing the house was abandoned, I pulled into the almost overgrown driveway to park. I hopped out and made my way up the driveway, around the house and into the field to the hash. Going around the back, I saw a door that was open and was surprised to see some old furniture still in there.

Undeterred, I got to the hash and took a few pictures before heading back to the car. I think if I was with someone else, I might have suggested exploring the house a bit, but I got on my way to the store instead.

Adding a Tale of Two Challenge for 'Oregon' as this hash was next to New Oregon Rd.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-08-25.
Pedalpusher issued a challenge for the Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by geohashing in a place named Oregon from the (42, -78) geohash on 2015-08-25.