2017-01-22 42 -78

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Sun 22 Jan 2017 in 42,-78:
42.0832887, -78.6347389

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Just off the road at the intersection of Rt 219 and S. 9 Mile Road



The weather report says it's supposed to be another beautiful day. With the hash just off the road, and hopefully a successful hash yesterday, this one is practically a sure bet. I'll take the dogs with me for this, but they will probably stay in the car since it's literally right off the road in the grass. After the hash, I'll drive to Allegany State Park and go on a long hike. Although, if we go to Allegany first, the dogs will be tired and won't be so antsy when we stop for the hash. I may have a drag-along for this one too. I have a friend in town for a family affair, but if he's available for the day, I'm sure he would be interested in joining us.

Note: This is extremely close to being a Déjà Vu hash as I parked across the river and just up the road for the 2015-08-29 expedition. I've also driven by on Rt 219 coming home from Maryland visiting my friend on a number of occasions. While it might be within the uncertainty area on the GPS, it's far enough off the road that I'm not going to claim it.


I called my friend, but since he lives in Tampa, Florida, he felt he needed to use the time he had in town to catch up with his family, so no drag-along today. I made myself some lunch and we were on our way a bit before noon. I decided that the best bet would be to go for the hike first so we arrived in Allegany State Park a bit after 13:00. I parked at the BeeHunter playground by the beach and we walked over to the BeeHunter Trail-head. Again, with the weather being so nice, there were a lot of people enjoying the park, but I didn't expect to see anyone on the 6.5 mile trail. Sure enough, about 5 minutes in, an older couple was walking out. I said hi as I corralled the dogs and they walked by. We enjoyed the woods and no snow on the ground as we hiked around. We crossed a big creek and Simon played in it for a while with Myka following him around but mostly staying out of the water.

About halfway through, we caught up to a couple about my age with a dog. I put my dogs back on the leash as we passed. Once safely ahead(when the other dog stopped barking excitedly at us), my dogs got to run free again. Toward the end of the trail, I found an unexpected little set-up(see pics below as they will better show it rather than me try to explain it). At the other end of the trail, we exited the woods into the BeeHunter Cabin loop and walked back down the bike path to the car. The hike took a bit over 2 hours and the dogs were definitely showing signs they were tired. Woo! (A tired dog is a happy dog.)

We then drove to the hash area, finding it with ease and parked on the shoulder. I hopped out of the car, did a short GPS dance and brought the reading down to 0.00. A quick and easy success, I drove home to get ready to go to my parents' for dinner. All in all, a busy, tiring weekend but a good one!



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