2017-03-02 42 -78

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Thu 2 Mar 2017 in 42,-78:
42.8018075, -78.7544979

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In the parking lot of Southtowns Radiology in Orchard Park



Knowing I was going to be in Cheektowaga this morning, I thought it would be an easy detour on the way home. After getting out of the luncheon, I checked my map and had simple directions to follow to get to Rt 240 in Orchard Park.

Finding the building and parking lot, I pulled in and found an open spot right next to the grassy area where the hash landed for today. I hopped out of the car and easily made my way to the spot with minimal GPS dancing. When I was looking at the google map before I left, I thought I had been there before at a place called Quest Diagnostics which is a medical lab. I needed to give some blood for a few tests. Today, when I arrived, I didn't see the sign for Quest, but there were big white construction trucks and it looked like the sign above the door had been removed. It appears the lab has moved. I don't have proof of my visit because at that time, the doctor's office screwed up the lab work prescription so I didn't get a receipt for being there that day. I did drive by that spot, although I didn't walk on the grass for a true Deja Vu.



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