2016-10-30 42 -78

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Sun 30 Oct 2016 in 42,-78:
42.9777143, -78.4175204

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Just off Cohocton Road in the brush near Corfu



If Yesterday's expedition is was (un)successful, I'm hoping to extend my consecutive streak to 5.

This looks to be between properties on a section of unused land and just off the road in the brush. There's no street-view on this section of road, so it's impossible to tell if it's posted or really swampy. I'll take the dogs with me on this expedition but they'll have to suffer a few minutes in the car while I go to the hash. They'll get to run when we make a stop at Darien Lakes State Park a bit to the south where we'll go for a hike.

Change of plans, with all the ticks I've been dealing with and since hunting is allowed at Darien Lakes State Park, I'm going to leave the dogs at home for this one. Being a weekend day, there will likely be hunters utilizing the public land much like yesterday's expedition. I'll head out around 15:30 or so, drive to the hash and then head to my parent's for my sister's birthday dinner.


After watching much of the Buffalo Bills game (American Football) in which they were playing terrible, I gathered my things and left for the hash. I completely forgot about the stadium traffic though as I needed to head North and right on one of the major roads from the stadium. Fortunately, I was passing by before the game ended, and since they were losing so badly, people were leaving early. While there was more traffic than normal, it wasn't a zoo. Moving along slowly, I was approaching where Rt 219 merges with the I-90 and traffic was slowing to a stop.

I stopped and looking in my rear view mirror, the guy behind me was approaching very fast. I thought, "oooohhhhh crap!" but at the last second I could see he hit the breaks hard. He got really, really, REALLY close and I thought he made the stop, then...<BUMP>. Damn it! It wasn't a hard hit but contact was made and we needed to asses the damage. Pulling over, my bumper was marked a bit but it really wasn't bad. His bumper was cracked and that's all there was fortunately. Had he hit any harder, I think it would have been a mess. I have a pretty old car and with no other damage, I was ok with leaving things as they were. I'm not going to worry about fixing it. Very glad to avoid the Train Wreck achievement, but this is now the SECOND time that I've been hit while not moving. Does that seem right to you?

Anyway, back on my way, I was able to get to the road where the hash was with no further issues. Hopping out, I could see this was kind of a border the two residents were using to separate their properties and I didn't have to worry about water or anything. Since it wasn't posted, I walked in a little bit to find the hash. I had forgotten to enter the coords into my GPS so rather than play with that, I just turned on the data on my phone and used the app. The hash was further from the road than it looked on the satellite views, so I had to push my way through the wet and tall Goldenrod plants to close in.

Success had, I drove to my parents for dinner. I timed it well, even with the unexpected delays I arrived right on time.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2016-10-30.