2017-03-01 42 -78

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Wed 1 Mar 2017 in 42,-78:
42.9893239, -78.5677118

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In the woods off a bike path in Clarence



Looking at the hash point this morning, I thought it looked extremely familiar and I quickly realized I had been here before for the 2016-10-09 expedition, but this hash was a little closer to the parking area and on the other side of the path. I couldn't remember if only one side of the path was posted or both as last time, I was just concerned about the one direction. I thought it might be posted as well, but I decided that it was a nice path and a good excuse to take the dogs for a run either way.

Getting up there, it was no trouble to park but I was surprised to see large blue plastic jugs all up and down the path. It turns out this is also used as a snowmobile trail in the winter time, but they don't want the snowmobiles to tear up the asphalt. The jugs keep them to the side in the grass. Walking down, there wasn't anyone around, so I let the dogs run off the leash as we made our way to the hash area. Getting close I could see this side was posted as well. I got a reading under 90 feet to go, but that was it so I got my pictures and continued on the path. There was the occasional runner and a cyclist but for the most part was empty despite the 60 degree (F) weather. I think the high winds and threat of rain kept more people away than if it was really nice, not to mention being a weekday.

We ended up crossing a road and exploring the next segment of the trail and have a note for Future-Me that that section is swampy but not posted. I think we ended up walking a bit over 4 miles and the dogs are happily tired now as I type up this report.



Pedalpusher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (84 feet) reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2017-03-01.