2016-05-16 42 -78

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Mon 16 May 2016 in 42,-78:
42.9046544, -78.8542089

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Wiley Field in Masten park in Buffalo



Going to stop by after work before meeting up with the Buffalo Slow Roll tonight starting from the Oakk Room. This is nearly-but-not-quite a Deja Vu hash as I ran track here in high school but never wandered over to the baseball diamond. Also, this is the closest I've ever seen to a Juggernaut. The hash, according to geohashing.info, is 12.99 miles away and the shortest route I could take is 14.0 miles(according to Google maps) giving me a 0.0778 ratio.


After work, I got everything quickly squared away and headed out to the park. I ran into some heavy traffic when I got to Downtown Buffalo but I knew a way around and parked at the stadium around 17:20 or so. Fortunately there was a baseball game going on still so I was able to get into this part of the park. They lock up the track and baseball field section of the park if none of the high schools are using them.

Walking along the fence by the parking lot, I made my way to the outfield and past the home run fence. I quickly zero'ed in on the hash and didn't have to do the GPS dance. I quickly got my pictures and walked back to the field entrance. No one bothered me, but I'm sure people were asking themselves what that weird guy was doing.

Getting back to the car, I drove to the Oakk Room and had a nice bike ride with my father(my mom is part of the Squad that run these rides) and we rode down Main St to the city limits and the University of Buffalo (South Campus). They aren't doing official counts anymore, but I would estimate there was around 700 people. It was an out-and-back route this week and the food trucks waiting for us when we got back smelled delicious. I got a fish fry for dinner from The Flaming Fish. Very yummy!

I think I'll set up a challenge for Jefferson as this was very close to that street on that side of the park.



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