2016-02-21 42 -78

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Sun 21 Feb 2016 in 42,-78:
42.9298868, -78.6156385

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In an empty field in Lancaster, by the Police Department



Will probably just drive over sometime in the morning and leave the dogs at home for this one. While the hash seems to be behind the Police Department, I will not be going by them, but using the dead end street a bit to the South. The Google satellite map(likely a bit outdated) shows some unfinished construction at the end of Lancaster Pkwy and I'm not really sure what I'll find when I get there.


My plans changed when my calendar entry reminded me on Saturday that I was meeting my parents at a Driver Safety Course(The completion certificate allows us to save some money on our insurance over the next 3 years) the next day. Because I'm lazy and no one is really around my graticule, I didn't bother to adjust the plans.

So in the morning, I took the dogs to the park so they would be a little tired and not hate me when I left them at home for the duration of the class. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop at the hash before the class and ended up going in the dark at 7pm when the class let out.

I had no trouble finding my way to the end of Lancaster Parkway and parked in front of a For Sale sign indicating a lot of the empty land around was still for sale. I walked across the empty field with out too much trouble and found the hash. The field was pretty damp and had very uneven ground so I had to be careful. Getting back to the car was a bit easier as I avoided some of the field by walking to the new building and through the parking lot next to it. It has been completed from when the satellite pictures were taken, but I didn't see any signs indicating what it was for.

Success had, I drove the rest of the way home.



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