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Sat 16 Apr 2016 in 42,-78:
42.6422736, -78.3089662

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Next to...I kid you not...Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, just off the road



Attempt to continue my Consecutive Streak. This will be the make-it-or-break-it hash of the weekend. It looks like it's just off the road but it's by a house across the street from Jellystone Park. I'm hoping it's close enough to the shoulder of the road that I can reach it without trespassing on the property. If I can make this, I have an easy to reach multi-hash planned for Sunday that will definitely extend the streak.

Link to Friday's hash and Sunday's (Part 1) here.


Day four of the Consecutive streak, I helped a friend of the family with his taxes in the morning and things went a bit late while we chatted afterwords but no big deal. When he left, I realized if I got on my way right away, I could maybe actually turn this into an Official Saturday Meetup too!

With the dogs in the car, we were on our way and had no trouble getting to the right road. I've traveled by this way most of my life in going to land my parents own in Bliss, NY.

Finding a place to park wasn't too bad once I made a U-turn and parked practically next to the hash. The road was narrow here and the ditches VERY deep but a few meters down the road from the house (the hash was next to) was an old driveway that spanned the ditch. This gave me enough room to park and get mostly off the road.

We arrived a bit late (but I'll count it as it was just 20 minutes after 4). Walking down the road less than 100 feet (~30 meters) I carefully slid down into the ditch and did my best attempt at a confined GPS dance. I ended up moving almost back up to the car and while I was close enough, I could have climbed up the other side of the ditch to hit it exactly but decided not to. Getting my pictures, I went back to the car and we drove the rest of the way to Bliss for a hike with the dogs.

A Note on the Consecutive Streak[edit]

Weatherwise, this was the best weekend we've had all year (aside from Easter weekend) and Sunday was supposed to be even warmer than today. With the close hashes not looking accessible, I had planned on driving to the Williamsburg, PA graticule(to the SW) where I could complete my Buffalo Minesweeper. It would have taken a little over 3 hours to get there and by stopping in the Corning Graticule to the west, I would have added a whole 10 minutes to the trip.

This all sounded great on Friday when I was planning this, but today on the way home, I re-evaluated things. I would be driving all day(for over 6 hours total) to go for an hour or so hike in a PA state forest, but if I skipped it, I could get some work done around the house AND go for a bicycle ride in the afternoon. Also, I was primary on call for work Sunday, so if I got paged, I would have to hope my backup got it. It was a quiet weekend, generally we don't get paged often during the day(of course) and I thought I could probably get away with it, but this was also weighing on my mind.

In the morning on Sunday, I fully decided to skip the hash-trip and my streak has come to an end. Here are the Sunday hashes I was planning on going to: the Corning Hash and then the Williamsburg Hash.



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