2014-09-16 42 -78

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Tue 16 Sep 2014 in 42,-78:
42.5102385, -78.7088420

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Springville, NY; In a wooded area


Pedalpusher (talk)


Had car trouble over the weekend and things weren't exactly fixed when it was picked up on Monday. So back to the shop on Tuesday where I got to sit around waiting all day for it to be done. I finally got it back around 1700 and really needed a 'win' for an emotional lift. I saw earlier in the day that the hash was close to home and likely reachable in a forested area not far off a road. On the way home, I decided to try for it.

Getting down to Springville, the hash was about a mile from the exit and a parking spot was found on the shoulder about a tenth of a mile to go. With no posted signs around, I headed into the woods, worked my way around the steep hills and made it to the hash pretty quickly. I got the standard pictures and with lifted spirit, started back to the car and headed home for dinner.