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Globalhash on Wed 10 Oct 2012:
For the correct location, see  google osm crox


Wet Woods



Hic Sunt Laganum[edit]

Checking the hash for day the resulted in seeing the magical double tag on the map. Since I was already done with my shift for the day I had time to prep up a change of clothes and hiking boots for Red Velvet as we would have to trek into deep woods for this and the drive would place us there just at sunset. There was no moon today and we were hiking into unknown forest at dusk meaning it was very dark and we would be lacking landmarks to follow, we were forced to make several detours around extremely dense vegetation. Much of the terrain that wasn't brambles was waist high grass.

We kept tramping around the woods, spiraling ever close to the point until we finally arrived at the point, the foliage was quite dense and our usual GPS accuracy of 8ft was reduced to 12ft in this terrain. Not much else to say about it at the moment except we totally rocked a globalhash.

  • 2014 Edit - Back in 2012 when we achieved the globalhash we did not examine the [[other hashes closely enough at the other meetups for the day. It was upon closer inspection that we realized all the photos we were seeing for this fateful day were actually for an expedition on 2012-10-06 and somehow had been mis-categorized. We double checked the dates the hasher had on the files and filenames and they all matched the 2012-10-06_55_13 hash they had completed. Thus we claim this "Last Man Standing" "Globalhash" << Hic Sunt Laganum plants their imaginary flag>>.
  • 2014 Additional Notes - The spiraling we spoke of above was quite intense. With the amount of looping around the point we performed it became a necessity to clear the track on the GPS as we had reached the verge of which direction was which. The thick growth limited our movement, the rain and the heavy woods delayed our GPS and the lack of Sun or magnetic compass left us following electronic north. This all led to our tracks getting quite messy, but our efforts were rewarded and the Globalhash was a success.



HicSuntLaganum earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -77) geohash on 2012-10-10.
HicSuntLaganum earned the Globalhash achievement
by reaching the globalhash for 2012-10-10.
HicSuntLaganum earned the Last cake standing achievement
by being the the only hasher world-wide to go on a geohashing expedition on 2012-10-10.