2017-10-14 42 -78

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Sat 14 Oct 2017 in 42,-78:
42.0712921, -78.7524743

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Allegany State Park, in the woods off ASP Rt 1.



My first expedition in over a month, I'm happy to see the hash land in Allegany again. This is actually just south of my expedition on 2017-04-26. It was really close to a Deja Vu too as I walked by this area on my way to the geocache that day too. This would have also been a Hash Collision with the same cache, but the permit expired a few days after that expedition and it doesn't look like it was renewed.

Being a Saturday, we left the house a little after 14:00 to give us some time to spare for an Official Saturday Meetup time. We got to Allegany with about 15 minutes to spare and it was a short hike into the woods to find the hash. A short GPS dance found the range and the pictures were taken. Not being on an expedition for so long, I totally forgot to grab a screenshot of the time but at least the meta-data shows I was there pretty close to the official 16:00 meetup time.

With a few hours of light remaining, we drove over to the Quaker area and hiked the Black Snake Mtn trail. It's the southern-most trail in the park and we touched Pennsylvania before heading for home.



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