2015-08-29 42 -78

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Sat 29 Aug 2015 in 42,-78:
42.0895303, -78.6387050

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Next to the Rt 219/I-86 Expressway North of Limestone, NY



This expedition sets my new monthly record at 9. I thought this would be an easy success, but it was a little harder than I thought.

The hash landed just off Rt 219 (heading south) by a patch of woods and a small lake. I saw I could follow the Rt 219 S exit from where it left I-86 and park immediately after getting off the ramp. Google street-view didn't show any posted signs in the wooded area so I figured I had a good chance. I could just follow the expressway back a half mile or so to the hash.

I loaded up the dogs a little after 14:30 so I could shoot for another Official Saturday Meetup and we arrived around 15:45. Getting the dogs safely out of the car and into the woods, they were free to run around and we headed in the direction of the hash. The first half of the walk was very easy as there was no undergrowth. Fortunately, it hadn't rained here in a while because it looked like we were walking across what is normally a very swampy area.

Everything was dry and the ground firm as we approached the lake. That pushed us next to the roadway where things got a lot thicker and I had to push through all the tall plants and bushes. I could see the cars too, but there was a short (3 feet tall) fence to separate the land from the expressway area. Poor Myka had issues with this as the plants were very tall next to the fence and she couldn't just walk through. As she was bounding around, trying to follow Simon, she had periodic encounters, crashing into the fence. I even tried calling to her but most times it didn't help.

I decided to try walking closer to the lake but it was way too thick there for me to get through. The dogs, however, enjoyed the water and decided to stay in the lake as they kept pace with me as I walked by the fence. Getting within 160 feet, I found myself at the top of a very steep embankment with a bit of swampy water at the bottom. I retreated a bit to go around and close to the fence again, I was able to get by. I then closed in on the hash and had to walk a few circles before getting the distance down to an acceptable reading. I got my pictures and headed back. It was only halfway back that I realized I forgot to grab a screenshot of the time, so while that shows 20 minutes late, I did make it there at 16:10, close enough for an Official Saturday Meetup.

Getting back to the car, we headed back to McCarty Hill State Forest, what is becoming a favorite hiking area. On one of the Mountain Biking trails, we passed a Father and two sons out for a ride. We exchanged greetings and again on the other side of the loop we were on before heading for home.



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