2019-01-16 42 -78

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Wed 16 Jan 2019 in 42,-78:
42.8275269, -78.8172319

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Lackawanna on a tiny road? Driveway?



Saw this was sort of on the way home from work if I made a little detour. Looking at the streetview, I saw there was a street sign by the main road and no signs indicating this was a private driveway or anything. From the satellite pictures, I figured I could drive up the road section and turn around in one of the parking lots at the end and head back out hitting the hash twice.

Getting to the car after work, I fired up my map app on my phone and drove over to Lackawanna. On the way, I also noted a few corners and streets I've previously been on during Slow Roll Rides. Getting to the end of McKinley Road looking for my second-last turn, the directions were weird or I just didn't interpret them correctly thinking the GPS was asking me to turn the wrong way so I went right by. Rather than do the long and complicated route to turn around, the road was clear and I just executed a U-turn.

Back on track I turned onto Ridge Road and immediately looked to turn right into this road, that turns out was really just a shared driveway for a couple houses/apartments. I'm assuming one of the owners of the building put in one of those self-made/custom 'roadsigns'.

Unfortunately, as I approached, an older woman was pulling out and I had to stop in the middle of traffic on Ridge Road to let her get out. The driveway was only wide enough for one car at a time. As she pulled out, she waved to thank me for waiting. Pulling in, the HashDroid app said I was further away than I should have been according to the satellite, but I was within my acceptable range for success. Turning around in the cramped parking lot, I got a couple pictures and pulled past the hash again on the way out. Satisfied with my photo-proof on my first hash of the new year, I headed for home.



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