2015-09-07 42 -78

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Mon 7 Sep 2015 in 42,-78:
42.8757806, -78.7473012

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In Cheektowaga, behind a warehouse next to an old railroad track



Note: Due to the Holiday (Labor Day) in the US, the Map displayed shows the incorrect hash point. It should be .8757806, .7473012

I was ready at 17:00 to head out to the hash; I had my directions and (remembering Saturday's issues) was well hydrated.

My route for today was almost a reverse of the course I rode for my 2015-05-31 Tron expedition, but because this was at a dead-end road, today would not be a Tron.

I only had one issue getting there when I reached a Park I had to ride through, I was supposed to follow a walking path, but I took the road through instead. Getting to the other side, I hit Seneca St which was on my directions and I guessed correctly to make a Left and found my next turn to get back on track.

Arriving at the end of the road by the hash, I found the building, but it changed hands since the Google Street-view car had been there. I was expecting a company called Sperian, but I saw a lot of Christmas stuff around. The occupants are now Gordon Companies, but their website is 'Christmas Central'. Going through the parking lot, I cut across the grass to the old railroad bed and made my way along the back of the building. As I was approaching the hash, I saw two people sitting on the edge of the path, almost inline with the hash. New Hashers, maybe? No, they were waiting for their buddy who was on a small dirt bike who came back a little after I got there. I think they were giving me weird looks, but didn't say anything. Right as the other guy pulled up, three deer ran across the path by the end of the building(Probably about 25 meters away). They were small and one still had it's spots so that was neat to see.

I got my pictures and didn't stick around long. The guys were adjusting something on their bike so that at least gave me time to get down the path and out of their way before they raced down it themselves.

Going home, I passed two earlier hash-points that I reached, the one on 2015-05-31 was almost within reach as I passed, and the other from 2015-04-27. I passed that one a little higher on the road and was able to look down on it in the parking lot.

About 5 miles from home, I was starting get tired, but I passed a yard that had some branches that were trimmed. I saw they were from an apple tree and the apples were still attached. I turned around and grabbed a couple. They weren't quite ripe yet, so were a little tart, but SO GOOD! Great pick-me-up for the last leg of my ride.



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