2015-01-08 42 -78

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Thu 8 Jan 2015 in 42,-78:
42.7002423, -78.8579272

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In the woods by the Braymiller Market, South of Hamburg



The hash landed about 2.5 miles away and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out for a quick expedition and give Simon a nice afternoon run. It was in the woods and by a railroad track which I was planning on walking down to access the woods by the hash. I estimated it would be a half mile walk to the hash and looking at the map the roads were narrow but there appeared to be a good place to park right next to the tracks.

However, when I got there, the snow banks were not high, but given the track record of my little car in the snow, I thought best not to chance getting stuck by parking off the road. Unfortunately, the road was too narrow to safely park on the shoulder and I headed back to Rt. 62 to try my luck in the parking lot of the Market. As expected though, there was no access to the woods there.

With Simon in the back seat getting antsy, I gave up on the hash and headed to our normal park (Chestnut Ridge) for a quick run.


No photos taken