2015-05-23 42 -78

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Sat 23 May 2015 in 42,-78:
42.4992878, -78.8056535

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In a field, East of Collins


Planning a bike ride to the Mouse-Over Day hash and stopping on the way for a few geocaches too. No collision event for today, although I am shooting for 4pm so I can have my very first Official Saturday meetup...by myself (but at least I should be able to start the ribbon).



First Attempt[edit]

I have been missing the Official Saturday meetup constantly and this was a great opportunity to finally get it. However, my bike ride started ominously with an already flat back tire. I swapped it out for my spare and was ready to go about 14:30, which would have put me there right at 16:00 I think, but we had dinner plans for 18:00 so this was going to be tight.

On the way to the hash, I hit some unexpectedly nasty hills that just destroyed my legs. I figured I could still make the hash, but I would be a lot longer on the way back. I could continue and call the wife to pick me up on the way back, or I could turn around and head home. Right about the halfway point, I decided to not incur the wrath of the wife and turned toward home. We were meeting a friend after dinner and I figured there would be a good chance to drag him along and get the hash later.

Second Attempt[edit]

My friend called to tell me he was getting into town late and would be going to his cottage in Angola and wanted to meet closer to there. I agreed and figured I would make a stop at the hash on the way. I left my house around 23:00 and I made a slight detour to the hash on my way to Angola. However, when I got to the field where the hash was, my GPS indicated I was 43 miles away. What? I pulled out my phone and luckily had enough bars to get the internet and checked the coords. I had entered the first decimal place(for the North coordinate) incorrectly, and when that was fixed, I was within a tenth of a mile to the hash. *whew*

I walked up the small hill toward the hash and through knee high grass. Halfway there, my pants were pretty wet and my sneakers were soaked through. Not to be deterred, I closed in and with a short GPS dance, got right to the hash. I got my proof and made my way back to the car.

I then drove to my friend's place where we had a few beers by the campfire and caught up.



Pedalpusher earned the 2015 Mouse Over Day achievement
by celebrating in the (42, -78) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2015.