2017-08-13 42 -78

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Sun 13 Aug 2017 in 42,-78:
42.7049920, -78.8929994

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Appears to be in a field in or near Eighteenmile Creek County Park



This might be close enough for another walk, but 4 miles one way would be quite a hike and take more time than I'd like. Plus, this distance would be rough on the dogs so I'd rather take them for a hike later somewhere else. So the plan is to ride the bike over in the late morning or early afternoon. I'm not sure where I'll be able to lock up the bike or if the field is actually accessible, but there appears to be a parking lot close and a hiking trail along the creek from the lot, so I'm hopeful.


By the time I finished making some apricot jam, it was lunchtime. While I ate, I looked up the park online. My plan was to take the mountain Bike and ride around the park after getting to the hash. However, I found out that bikes aren't allowed on the trails so I grabbed my fixed gear because I wasn't going far.

Following the simple directions, I made it to the park with no trouble and was surprised to see the parking lot overflowing; Especially for a park that is kind of out of the way and lesser known.

I wanted to try for the geocache that was close first, but was unable to locate it for a Hash Collision. Heading back up the trail, I turned off into the meadow to find the hash. The grasses were tall in most places and the ground uneven, but I was able to carefully wade through.

A short GPS dance was needed to be exact, and I got a reading of 0.00. Pictures were taken and then I headed back to the bike to go home. Because the park was so crowded, I took the dogs to one of our usual places, but I'll have to come back to this one when it's less crowded.



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