2016-01-18 42 -78

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Mon 18 Jan 2016 in 42,-78:
42.8479073, -78.3234033

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Next to the Summit View cemetery to the SW of Attica



It's a holiday today and the hash looks like it's accessible on the edge of a very small country cemetery by Attica. I'm thinking I should go this morning since the weather forecast calls for a fair amount of snow. Hopefully I can be back before the roads get bad. Since the hash is about an hour drive, I figure I'll take the dogs out to a little property that's not too far away and give them a good run as well.


I left the house after making myself a lunch right around 11:30 and arrived at the cemetery about an hour later, with only missing one turn. The road I was planning on using was a 'seasonal highway' meaning the dirt road isn't plowed in winter. I then drove past the next road I should have used requiring a u-turn.

Finding the cemetery, I found a place to pull over and got the dogs out of the car. Walking up to the cemetery, I saw there was a gate, but fortunately, there was no lock, just a mechanism to keep the gates closed. Walking up the hill to the middle of the cemetery, we made our way to the side where the hash was. I saw at the tree-line, there was an old barbed wire fence, but it had fallen down in places so we just walked over. Note: Normally this would be a barrier and Not Allowed, but I noted before we walked into the cemetery, that the field next to it was Not posted. So rather than walk out of the cemetery and around, I just cut through.

Getting the pictures was tough because the wind was pretty strong and the minimal temps made things extra cold. I got the basic pics but I guess I should have played with my new phone more before going on an expedition. I didn't know how to switch over to the front camera for a Stupid Grin picture and it was too cold for me to spend much time there trying to figure it out. You will have to take my GPS and dogs as proof that I was the one accompanying them.

Getting done at the hash, I drove over to some property of friends of the family. We walked around in the woods for a bit, but didn't last long. Myka with her short hair was turning a little pink on areas that weren't covered by her coat. Mission mostly accomplished(Simon seemed sad we didn't stay longer), we headed for home.



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