2017-01-21 42 -78

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Sat 21 Jan 2017 in 42,-78:
42.7923154, -78.6180565

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In East Aurora, in the woods off W. Blood Rd.



We have a heat wave coming this weekend with temps reaching into the 50's (F) and with no rain, it's going to be a great time to go play outside. The hash is just off the road in the woods and from the streetview isn't posted, but that is from 2007, so we'll have to see if that is still the case when we get there. I'm thinking of aiming for an Official Sat Meetup, but with it getting dark around 17:00, I'm going to take the dogs to Knox Farm in East Aurora for a little run around 15:00 and then drive over for the 16:00 hashpoint. Hopefully I'll be able to reach this and make Tomorrow's hash a consecutive one.


Around 14:30, we were on our way to Knox Farm all set for a hike. A funny thing happened about half way to the park. Stopped at a light, Myka likes to stick her head out the window and check out what's going on around the car. I lowered the window when we stopped and as other cars filled in the lane next to us, I suddenly hear: "Oh, look at the cute doggies!!!" As the cars turned right in that lane, they moved up and a second car had a little girl in the back seat calling out to Myka as well. It was amusing, and Myka was wagging her tail.

Once we arrived, I was expecting a lot of people with the warm weather, but holy cow! The parking lot was over flowing and there were people and dogs everywhere. I managed to get really lucky as a car was leaving just as I was pulling in. Hopping out, we navigated by all the cars and people to the paved walkway and the fields. With all the snow melting, the fields were a bit soggy so everyone was sticking to the trails. I didn't care if we got a little dirty so we headed for the fields and some quiet. Once we were away from everyone, I let the dogs off the leashes so they could run. We stuck to the fields and managed to avoid almost everyone for our hour hike. Getting back to the car close to 16:00, we drove to the hash area, but upon arrival, I saw new posted signs so I wasn't able to get to the hash. It looked like there was a path that would have taken me right to it too. Oh, well, this month hash been a bit frustrating with every-other expedition being posted so far.



Pedalpusher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (65 Feet) reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2017-01-21.