2016-05-24 42 -78

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Tue 24 May 2016 in 42,-78:
42.9153930, -78.8693746

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Middle of W. Ferry St at the intersection of Delaware Ave in Buffalo



After work, I went to a board meeting for a camp where I volunteer. We had a simple dinner of pizza and salad while we had our meeting for the month. Getting done there around 18:30, I drove into the city which wasn't much of a detour on the way home.

I was able to find a parking spot on the eastern side of Delaware Ave very close to the intersection. Hopping out, I walked up and crossed Delaware and estimated that the hash should be right about on the man-hole cover in the middle of W. Ferry behind the stop line for the intersection. While I waited to cross the street, I took a picture. Crossing with the light, I got a picture from the other side along with the street signs.

I was pleasantly surprised that the stupid grin picture came out so nice especially with the sun shining right down the middle of the street on it's way to setting. Glad I didn't have to cross the street again(I tried to take it as I was walking so not to block cars trying to turn), I walked back to the car and headed for home.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -78) geohash on 2016-05-24.
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