2015-03-01 42 -78

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Sun 1 Mar 2015 in 42,-78:
42.9960394, -78.8743223

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On the Sidewalk on Delaware Ave by the I-290



Since the hash is up in the NE corner for Sunday, I was really considering the SW graticule to add to my Minesweeper ribbon but it is on private property and I don't want to drive over an hour for nothing. There will be other opportunities for that graticule and this hash is right on the sidewalk on Delaware right by the I-290.

I will drive up and park in a parking lot by the 290 and walk over on the sidewalk to the hash. Since the hash is right at the end of the guard rail, I should be able to get there without the GPS but I will bring it just in case the snow banks are covering the guard rail and I can't easily find the hash.


This was going to be a pretty easy hash to find. I left the house around 10:15am and parked the car at the Delaware Center plaza at about 10:45. Seeing that the sidewalks were clear was a very good sign. However, when I first got to the hash area, I checked by the road to see if I could see the guard rail but it was buried. I knew I was really close anyway so I left my GPS in my pocket and started to take pictures of the area.

My sister called in the middle of taking pictures and as I was mindlessly pacing as I talked to her, I noticed that the end of the guard rail was poking through the snow by the sidewalk! Sweet! Now, I could pinpoint the hash and get the rest of the pictures for proof.

Being on a busy street and practically under the thruway, there wasn't much else to see so I headed back to the car and home.

Further note, I'm adding yet another challenge for the Tale of Two Hashes for Delaware



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