2008-05-24 48 -122

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 48,-122:
48.1266480, -122.5475331

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The actual coordinates were about .75mi offshore, but were close enough to an out of the way beach with public access that it was worth checking out. Only I (Evan) showed, no sign of Matt, but it was a good way to spend the Saturday afternoon. The beach is known for clamming and mussel picking. There were countless mussels, but no clams were located, despite eager digging efforts. Saw some gulls digging for something out on a sandbar, so I made my way out there through the shoreline-quicksand (you gotta move FAST if you don't want to sink!) only to find the gulls were eating some sand worm (a bit smaller than Dune). On the return, the rising tide was closing off the sandbar, and had I hesitated 30sec more, I would have likely been washed to sea!

This was followed by a beautiful hike at the nearby Ebey Bluffs.


Notes of interest[edit]

  • The mini-crab I encountered clearly was trying to challenge me to a dual (just like this if I were the hornet). No time to spar, however, as Mr. Crab had the tide to his advantage.