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The Austin Graticule

The Austin, Texas graticule is located around latitude 30, longitude -97. This area is mostly land, but does include a number of lakes. The graticule contains a mix of both urban and country locations which should lead to an interesting mix of meeting places.

Today's Location: [Austin, TX]


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Planned Meetups[edit]

  • sheu 01/02/2010. If there's one geohash that 'should' happen, it's should be first official one of the year. Accessibility looks fine; it's about 4 mile south of Mansfield Dam (west of Westlake). According to the Google maps satellite image, it's on unbuilt land about a hundred feet off Palisades Pkwy ([linky]. There's probably already something built there by now, but the road is a still a decent meetup location.
    • 02 January 2010, after-action report: just me, my laptop, and a fruitless search for unsecured wireless. I hung around for about an hour -- I guess definitions of "probably be there" vary.
  • mthreat 01/02/2010. I agree, this location looks good, I will probably be there. Update: I was there, but I left just after 4pm, I had to go somewhere - sorry. The area was beautiful.
  • nblasier 12/25/2009? We're a city full of people orphaned from their families, therefore free of holiday obligations. On Christmas the city is ours! I just heard of this and it seems like a lot of fun, even if I'm apparently 1 yr+ behind its inception. I'm interested in pretty much all days between 12/24 and 12/26.


  • Noname Never done this before; thought I might give it a try if the location's convenient. Anyone going 8/2/08?
  • Moonwick I'm thinking of trying to make it out for 5/24/08 at 4PM; anyone else going to be there?  :)
  • mrusso I'm in for some Saturdays at 4PM. I'll post on my profile page if I'm going to make it.
  • Dustbin Saturdays at 4PM sounds good
  • Shinwa I'll be out on Saturdays, and most weekdays (after 5). I hope to see people there!
  • JeWeY I can make it this Friday (5-23-2008) shortly after 5
  • Meat.Paste I showed a little late at the saturday meetup, but no one was there.
  • icicole I'd be up for the official meetup this Saturday (5/31). I also would be up for any lunchtime picnicky meetups during the week, especially if they're in the southeastern quadrant (I work near ABIA).
  • s3g2 will try to make himself available for Saturday meetups and any other convenient hashes.
  • Jon the Geek has a conflict most Saturdays at 4, but will work on remedying that.
  • Peekay I may be there at 4 PM for the 31st; more likely to make it to the weekend after that.
  • Eddo Work 9-5 Mon-Fri but am always looking for great stuff to do on the weekends!
  • Scherzade and two other Jacksonville, FL XKCD fans will be in the Austin, TX graticule on Saturday, 8/16. We would love to meet up if you guys are going to be there.
  • Q Just got back to Austin.
  • Tdsfp Arrived on 8/25/08 for college, hoping to meet some fellow Geo Hashers in the coming months.
  • Gimmickless Relocating from (26, -80) in May '09.
  • Lkearbey I just stumbled across this recently but I'd be interested in Sat meetups if anyone else is though it looks like this area has been quiet for a while.
  • Outer_Bongolia 01/02/2010 will be my first. I hope I won't be too late for the 4pm meeting.

Notable Dates[edit]

Shinwa earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (30, -97) graticule, here, on 2008-05-21.

[1] - The first ever Austin Geohash! -- Photos

[2] - The Friday 5/23/08 Austin Geohash is in the IBM / Domain Parking lot just south of the Texas Culinary Institute. You don't even need a GPS to join in the fun this time. See ya there!

[3] - The Saturday 5/24/08 Austin Geohash was on cow pasture and met with middling success.

[4] - Tuesday 5/27/08 Austin Geohash Right on US 290 near 21 toward Giddings.