2008-05-24 40 -96

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Sat 24 May 2008 in Lincoln:
40.1266480, -96.5475331

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This map shows the coordinates for Lincoln, NE for the first Saturday, 2008-05-24. This page exists for those who wish to begin planning a meeting. Feel free to add your comments to the Discussion section.


I should be able to make it, and I intend to drag as many friends along as possible. This will be especially convenient if the coordinates are located in the northern half of the graticule. If I do go (and I really intend to), I'll try to bring a frisbee or two or something (assuming we're not in the middle of a field) and we can chill and play around. Spike 3:00am 2008-05-22 CDT

UPDATE: Since the coordinates are so far south, I'll probably try to go to the West Omaha graticule's coordinates instead, since they're way closer.