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[edit] Spider

Real Name: Bill

I live in the Aurora, Illinois section but I'm pretty close to the four sections near chicago. I'll end up going to the one that's most interesting in the area.

[edit] Objects larger than a breadbox

  • guitar
  • keytar
  • Large breadbox
  • Bread too large to fit inside normal breadbox.
  • 1 river otter.

[edit] Geohashes

[edit] 2008-05-24

Went to the Schaumburg, IL meeting, because It was closer and I knew I was going to be late.

[edit] 2008-05-25

Located in West Branch Forest preserve. Nice location on a sunny day.

[edit] 2008-05-31

Located in downtown Elgin Ywca, no one else there.

[edit] 2008-06-14

Shell station in downers grove. People actually showed up!