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I'm Douglas Triggs, in Denver, CO (Englewood/Inverness). Even with weak google-fu, that's probably enough to find out who I really am, but to make things easy, here's my contact info (for car pooling, etc. -- but feel free to contact me whenever for whatever):

  • IM: doubt72 (AIM, Yahoo), 250018536 (ICQ), (MSN)
  • Email:
  • Phone: well, I can give you that if there's a reason.  :)
  • Blog
  • Portfolio (ha!)
  • Not-so-recently-updated web page
  • Other slightly-more-recently updated web page (computer art and stuff)

I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, and other places, cuz I'm just a social networking slut.

Geohashes I've Visited[edit]

May 24th, 2008 Denver, CO NW graticule