2008-05-24 30 -97

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 30,-97:
30.1266480, -97.5475331

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This geohash in Austin, Texas is located on a cow pasture near Manor


  • Meat.Paste showed up at 4:15, walked through a cow pasture (mind the electric fence) and followed the creek to the coordinates. No one else was there.
  • mrusso and 2 others met at CR110 at 4pm (Pearce Ln) .4mi north of the site. We ventured to the creek, but were unable to cross .2mi from the coordinates. No electric fence so I'm guessing we were on the other side. We waited at CR110 for a while to see if others would show up, so I'm guessing we got to the creek around 4:30.