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2008-05-24 42 -83

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 42,-83:
42.1266480, -83.5475331

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[edit] About

This location is not only on land, but appears to be very reachable.

[edit] Planning

It is also on private property, which we got kicked off of, by several irate locals. They also attempted to take down our license plates. However, there was Nintendo 64 to be had around the corner. (We were also late.)

[edit] Participants

Eric, Andrew, Steve, Ruthi, Amelia, Jackie, Nima, Noam, Eric (shenron on irc)

[edit] Expedition

At some point near the end of the festivities Noam, Nima, and Eric successfully managed to attain pictures of the location by rushing in on bikes and snapping a picture really quickly.

Nate and Hannah arrived early and missed the others, but grabbed this picture. The spot lies in the field next to the yard with the large dogs. (If someone who's already mastered this wiki software would like to unhose the picture, it'd be appreciated. I'm already frustrated after waiting 6 minutes for it to upload, *then* being informed that the file was too large. --Nate)

[edit] Photos

May 24th Location