2008-05-24 -43 172

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Sat 24 May 2008 in -43,172:
-43.1266480, 172.5475331

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Near the top of Mt Gray (900m)



The Christchurch geohash for Saturday was located near the top of Mt Gray (900m) and it's hard to tell where the Popper Road ends, could be a 1km walk, possibly even worth a MNIMB Award.


Phire attempted to reach it, but it turned out to be more difficult with Phire having to be rescued by the police. Did not help that the track is no longer maintained by DOC. Full story to follow, but now you can get a series of photos with brief descriptions.

Zorg created a new Achievement in honor of Phire's Attempt, see MNB_Geohash.



  • MNB, of course