2008-05-24 53 -113

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Sat 24 May 2008 in Edmonton:
53.1266480, -113.5475331

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May 24, 2008: 53.126648°, -113.547534°[edit]

Agent Mike V. reporting. Departed Edmonton around 2:30 PM with Agent Courtney L. and a full complement of supplies (cookies). Arrived around 3:20 PM at the designated hashpoint. (The good thing about the Edmonton graticule is that most of it is accessible by car using the rural range road system.)

The hashpoint was in a rural locale, nearest town Millet, by the intersection of Range Road 251 and Township Road 482. A photo of Agent Courtney is supplied as evidence.

Agent C. holding XKCD sign

Reconnaissance of the area suggested it was a rural intersection a lot like the one at the end of the movie Castaway where Tom Hanks delivers the FedEx package, only the temperature was colder and it was more green. Regional life forms included a human female in the act of "gardening" and two dogs who were for the most part peaceful. A photo is supplied of the hashpoint:

Rural nature of hashpoint

At this point we ate some of Agent Courtney's cookies. They were delicious and had neon orange and green dinosaurs in them.

At 4:00 PM two vehicles approached and Agent Courtney waved her XKCD sign vigorously. Wild shouting was heard from the vehicles which then stopped and disgorged many more agents who expressed amazement that other people came to the hashpoint. In total seven agents arrived at the hash point:

  • Courtney L. (aka misslake)
  • Mike V. (aka six.oh.six)
  • Josh L. (aka Mr. Keys)
  • Henry C.
  • Greg A.
  • Jorden A.
  • Becky A.

All seven agents at the hashpoint (not pictured: Mike V (behind camera))

All assembled agents then ate cookies.

After a few moments a dog joined our party and attempted to herd us as was the nature of the breed.

Agent K-9 reporting

Then the dog's owner appeared and asked if we were lost. To which we replied "no ma'am we are exactly where we need to be." We then attempted to explain the geohashing concept but eventually gave up and, with great authority, said "don't worry, we're from the Internet" which seemed to satisfy her.

Then the hash meeting was adjourned and the agents returned to the real world.