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2008-05-24 33 -84

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 33,-84:
33.1266480, -84.5475331

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Where are we going again?

Andy programmed the GPS.

The "Please Deposit Your Rifle Rounds" booth was next door.

The real proof that we were in the bible belt was the prayer booth.

We must be getting close.

There were signs along the way...

No, there were no beavers. And no lake.

Such as the one for the road to the access road.

The real hat guy never looks confused.

There was a GPS mishap, so we left a handy note in case anyone else made the same detour we did.

We absolutely did not perform any illegal activities.

Google maps reigns supreme: what looked like logging trails were indeed logging trails!

Things like bambi's mother. And the bird from the poaching documentary. And penguins.

We fortunately did not encounter any shotguns. Though we did encounter a place for shooting things.

From space it's part of a giant smiley face.

We're getting awfully that a crop circle?

There might have been dancing.