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I'm Mike, a neuroengineering grad student at University of Rochester.

I'm can often be found chilling in the XKCD IRC channels. If you stop in, /msg me and say hi!

I live in Rochester, New York, but tend to try to hit up other graticules as I travel and camp in different places.

Recent / near future[edit]

Sticking in Rochester for a while. Next away-from-home graticule will likely be Bozeman, Montana, or possibly Yellowstone, Wyoming.

Geohashes I've visited[edit]

2008-05-31, Rochester: Saturday meetup in Macedon

2008-06-05, Cape Cod, MA: A hash landed in a very rare location, where civet and I were going to be camping the next day, so we went to the location that Saturday.

2008-06-08, Cape Cod, MA: The hash the following sunday landed 400m off the shore, but we fell short of reaching it.