2008-05-24 38 -78

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Sat 24 May 2008 in 38,-78:
38.1266480, -78.5475331

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The target was in the woods off of Free Union Road. The road had guardrails on both sides, and a fairly narrow shoulder.



Almost reached by Phyzome. Didn't have GPS, but I walked the stretch of road that ran past the destination, which was only maybe 60 feet into the woods. The target was on private property, behind an electric fence -- I did not cross it, for fear it was keeping velociraptors in. I parked halfway between the Mechums River and the target -- closest I could get. Waited from 16:00 to 17:00, went home.

Photos @ gallery.brainonfire.net

Did not happen to notice any other geohashers, even though they were apparently in the area -- they must have parked elsewhere.

Phyzome earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (38, -78) geohash on 2008-05-24.

Scooter et al.[edit]

Scooter and his boys got as close as they could. Got there at about 16:30 because of traffic on I-81. We first stopped on the side of the road (where we took the pictures), but then sought the other side of the trees after about 20 minutes of not seeing anyone else. There we met a nice lady planting tomatoes in her garden. After doing my best to convince her that we were not selling anything or trying to convert her religious beliefs, I showed her a couple pages I printed from the wiki. She kindly sent us on our way with a "have fun."

Pictures here on Picasaweb or here on Panoramio.