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Tapin (aka Joe) is a user in San Jose, California who is also active in the San Francisco, California and Salinas, California graticules

Attempted & succeeded geohashes[edit]

Date Distance Photos? Description
2008-05-24 0.5mi Flickr Went there with my two children, got within about a half-mile before being foiled by the combination of steep hills, immature thistles, and a four-year-old's patience. Saw two other geohashers on the way in, and another five on the way out. Hope some of 'em made it!
2008-05-31 ~1mi Flickr Drove nearby with Claire, discovered that 152 near the spot is actually a highway instead of the two-lane country road I remembered it being. Then had to drive five miles down the highway to find a suitable place to turn around, whoops (I missed at least one perfectly good turn around at the Dinosaur Point road). On the way back, we stopped a few time to get proof of our lack-of-access, and then waited at the Bell Station Cafe's closed and locked gate for about twenty minutes before heading back.
2008-06-01 Success! Flickr Parked nearby in a dirt field, ran across the exit and then entrance ramps, wandered around the dried-out weeds for a while until I got to the exact point (within 7 feet, at the limit of the GPS's accuracy, anyway). Got pictures for proof, and headed out. Land Geohash achieved! Headed back at 4pm with the kids and met quite a large group. Note: Bring Pete's food next time.
2008-06-04 Success! None online yet Got to the parking lot fairly late in the evening -- 6:45, with sundown (and gates locked) at 8:23. Tore up the trail, hiking fast enough to pass a pair of mountain bikers who were also going up. After about forty minutes I got to the Powder House, where I encountered several deer (including a four-fuzzy-point juvenile buck) who weren't particularly happy to see me. Headed down the upper part of the April Trail loop until the GPS told me I was near, then tromped off-trail into thick poison oak. The GPS claimed I needed to go straight up a hillside, and kept telling me that I was perpetually just northwest of the spot all the way until I managed to climb the entire hill off-trail and get back to the Mine Trail above. At that point, I pulled out the second GPS and discovered that tree coverage was such that the GPSes were telling me to go in opposite directions. So I re-pocketed the smaller one, let the bigger one settle down, and slid back down the hill to the approximate location to take proof pictures. After that it was a quick jog back to the car, arriving at 8:15. Eight minutes to spare.


Tapin earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-01.
2008-06-01 37 -121-Tapin-1.JPG
Tapin earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-04.
2008-06-04 37 -121-Tapin-1.JPG