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This graticule contains Stuttgart with most of its densely populated surroundings, as well as some - in southern german terms - rather remote rural areas. Among the other towns the most important are Ulm, Tübingen and Reutlingen. The graticule is located almost entirely in the german federal state of Baden-Württemberg, except for a 6.2 km2 piece (=0.075% of the graticule) of Bayern (Bavaria).

Geographically, about one half of the graticule are formed of the Schwäbische Alb, an elevated hill area with a distinctive steep slope at the northwest side towards the Neckar valley, while gently falling towards the Donau to the southeast. Elevation ranges from around 182 m above sea level in the Neckar valley near Pleidelsheim to 969 m on a peak at Albstadt.

With it's small structured changing landscape, hundreds of small towns and rural villages, and half-forgotten leftovers from thousands of years of civilization, geohashing in this graticule promises to rarely get really boring, as there might be something to discover behind every corner. Make sure your stay isn't only to make a proof photo.

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is as follows. Reality is something entirely different, though.

47.46%	Fields
30.16%	Forests
13.09%	Natural reserves
4.09%	Settlements
2.89%	Roads
2.27%	Highways
0.04%	Water

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Local Geohashers[edit]

Neighbor Graticule Geohashers[edit]

  • TroLLorT - lives nearby Heilbronn (with good rail connection to Stuttgart and beyond).

Past Expeditions[edit]


When Who Where & What
2008-10-03 Fantom_XA Weinstadt-Baach
2008-11-08 nick_mz Stetten am kalten Markt
2008-11-15 Ekorren, nick_mz Kusterdingen, Saturday 4 pm meetup. Ekorren missed nick_mz by 20 minutes, as he wasn't expecting anyone else to come.
2008-11-18 Ekorren Reutlingen, between Ohmenhausen and the centre. Ekorren went by bike and had a Déjà Vu.
2008-11-19 Ekorren Wannweil, on the peak between Wannweil and Degerschlacht. Ekorren went by bike and earned a Consecutive Geohash achievement.
2008-11-22 Nick_mz, Ekorren Tübingen, in the Rammert forest near Hofgut Eck, official Saturday meetup. Nick_mz came walking up from a bus stop, Ekorren took the bike again, and this time they didn't miss each another.
2008-11-29 Ekorren Sonnenbühl, in a valley below Genkingen. Ekorren fought with ice but won.
2008-12-12 Ekorren St. Johann-Würtingen, surrounded by a lot of soft frozen water.
2008-12-15 Ekorren Hattenhofen, failed - no trespassing
2008-12-17 Ekorren Reutlingen, more snoooooooooooow....
2008-12-27 Ekorren Dettenhausen, somewhere in the Schönbuch forest


When Who Where & What
2009-01-07 Ekorren Pliezhausen-Rübgarten, again somewhere in the Schönbuch forest
2009-01-26 Ekorren Metzingen, another forest
2009-03-14 Ekorren Tübingen-Pfrondorf, on a meadow above the Neckar valley
2009-03-19 Ekorren Sonnenbühl-Erpfingen, on a hill not far from the Bärenhöhle
2009-03-24 Ekorren Dettenhausen, near a residential area
2009-03-26 Ekorren Mössingen-Bästenhardt
2009-03-29 Ekorren Donzdorf, no public access
2009-04-16 Ekorren Reutlingen-Degerschlacht, no public access
2009-04-27 Nick_mz, Ekorren Tübingen-Lustnau, in the Schönbuch forest.
2009-05-09 Ekorren Böblingen-Zimmerschlag, between Tennis courts
2009-05-20 Nick_mz, Ekorren Tübingen-Lustnau, midnight expedition along the road to Bebenhausen
2009-05-21 Ekorren Geohashing Day in a field at Münsingen-Magolsheim
2009-06-04 Ekorren Stuttgart, in the forest between Rohr and Böblingen
2009-06-07 Ekorren Ulm, near Jungingen on the railway line to Stuttgart. Easiest geohash ever!
2009-07-19 Ekorren Mössingen-Öschingen, below the Roßberg mountain, fenced area.
2009-08-02 Ekorren Reutlingen-Sickenhausen, on a residential road
2009-08-09 Ekorren Private property at Tübingen-Weilheim
2009-08-15 Ekorren Birthday hash at a forest margin belonging to Neckartailfingen (although closer to Altdorf)
2009-08-26 Ekorren At the Albtrauf steep slope near Dettingen/Erms.
2009-09-12 Ekorren Ekorren crossed the Alb by bike to find another meadow near Hayingen.
2009-09-15 Ekorren Got stuck in dense and extremely steep forest near Mössingen-Öschingen.
2009-09-28 Ekorren Went through Reutlingen in the morning on the way to the 48,10 hash.
2009-10-07 Ekorren On the Alb again near Sonnenbühl-Genkingen, this time with a few cave visits
2009-11-23 Ekorren Only halfway up the Alb this time.
2009-12-22 Ekorren A tree at Auenwald-Mittelbrüden.
2009-12-28 Ekorren A field at Walddorfhäslach.


When Who Where & What
2010-01-15 Anonymous A backyard at Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Someone might have been there.
2010-02-15 Ekorren Snow and water at Waldenbuch
2010-03-05 Ekorren Far above Mössingen-Talheim.
2010-03-19 Ekorren Kornwestheim - at midnight, the gate was closed. It probably also is during the day.
2010-03-22 Ekorren An UFO has landed at Neckartailfingen
2010-04-03 Ekorren Besigheim
2010-06-02 Koepfel in a field near Sersheim
2010-06-05 Ekorren Visiting the Suabian Underpants near Pfullingen
2010-06-25 Ekorren Nighthash and start into a consecutive run at Reutlingen-Mittelstadt
2010-06-26 Ekorren Second part of midnight double at Riederich
2010-06-27 Ekorren Out in a remote part of the Alb, belonging to Langenenslingen
2010-07-15 Ekorren Dense forest at Hechingen, near a landfill
2010-08-27 Ekorren Near Böblingen, another patch of forest
2010-09-02 Ekorren Kirchentellinsfurt, a beet field at the hamlet Einsiedel
2010-09-13 Ekorren Dußlingen, more forest.
2010-09-15 Ekorren Reutlingen-Mittelstadt, at a small road
2010-09-22 Ekorren Tübingen-Waldhausen, walk geohash
2010-09-27 Ekorren Kusterdingen-Jettenburg, an intersection in an industrial area
2010-09-29 Ekorren Tübingen-Bebenhausen, more forest
2010-10-30 Ekorren Fellbach-Schmiden, a house
2010-11-14 Ekorren Kusterdingen-Mähringen, a field
2010-11-24 Ekorren Reutlingen-Altenburg, the Neckar Valley Trail
2010-12-01 Ekorren Tübingen-Kreßbach. Cold and snowy.
2010-12-02 Ekorren Pliezhausen. Same as yesterday.
2010-12-23 Ekorren Dettingen unter Teck. Wet and dirty.
2010-12-29 Ekorren Reutlingen, in two attempts


When Who Where & What
2011-01-11 Danatar Kirchberg an der Murr
2011-02-11 Ekorren Reutlingen
2011-03-02 Ekorren Pliezhausen
2011-03-03 Ekorren Reutlingen-Betzingen
2011-03-07 Ekorren Schönaich
2011-03-10 Ekorren Dußlingen
2011-03-11 Ekorren Kernen
2011-04-18 Koepfel, Ekorren Vaihingen(Enz)-Pulverdingen, Goingdeep geohash in a high speed railway tunnel
2011-05-11 Ekorren Dußlingen, a field
2011-06-02 Ekorren Stetten am kalten Markt
2011-06-17 Hijackal Bläsiberg (Wiesensteig)
2011-07-08 Steingesicht Bernhausen (Filderstadt)
2011-08-04 Ekorren Bühl (Tübingen)
2011-08-15 Ekorren Stuttgart
2011-08-16 Ekorren, Steingesicht Mittelstadt (Reutlingen)
2011-09-12 Ekorren Stuttgart, Neckar river
2011-09-19 Ekorren, Ufomammut Ludwigsburg
2011-10-01 Ekorren Holzmaden
2011-10-02 Ekorren Welzheim-Breitenfürst
2011-10-16 Steingesicht Frickenhausen, near Nürtingen
2011-10-25 Ekorren, Steingesicht Waldhäuser Ost (Tübingen)
2011-10-26 Ekorren Gomaringen
2011-10-28 Ekorren Engstingen
2011-10-29 Ekorren, Nick_mz Tübingen
2011-11-03 Ekorren Ammerbuch, deep in the Schönbuch forest
2011-11-16 Ekorren, Nick_mz Tübingen-Derendingen
2011-11-17 Steingesicht Stuttgart-Plieningen, a field.
2011-11-25 Steingesicht, Ekorren Metzingen, an intersection.
2011-12-23 Danatar Leonberg, a meadow
2011-12-24 Ekorren Unterensingen, a field


When Who Where & What
2012-01-11 Steingesicht Bahnhofstrasse, Waldenbuch
2012-02-03 Steingesicht A field at a small suburb of Nürtingen city
2012-02-09 Ekorren Kusterdingen-Jettenburg, between cold fields
2012-03-09 Steingesicht Nürtingen, parking lot at the HFWU Neubau
2012-04-22 Ekorren Tübingen, in the Rammert forest behind the Eckhof
2012-05-07 Steingesicht Leinfelden-Echterdingen, a field near Echterdinger Ei
2012-05-08 Ekorren Tübingen, in a biotechnology building. Not reached.
2012-05-14 Ekorren Reutlingen, a private green space at the Albtrauf steep slope near Gönningen. Not reached.
2012-05-17 LarsVegas Hölzer See, in a forest by a small lake near Magstadt
2012-05-20 Ekorren Trochtelfingen-Steinhilben, typical Alb landscape. May contain calves.
2012-05-21 Ekorren Metzingen, a piece of meadow above the town visited at midnight for Geohashing Day.
2012-08-11 DarkMark Ebersbach an der Fils, a piece of meadow next to the B10
2012-11-27 Steingesicht Mittelstadt, a small track near the soccer field


When Who Where & What
2013-02-13 Ekorren Tübingen-Waldhausen
2013-02-20 Steingesicht Wolfschlugen
2013-02-21 Steingesicht Neckartenzlingen
2013-04-07 nick_mz, Ekorren Tübingen-Lustnau
2013-05-10 EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Schlechtbach, Lindentaler Straße
2013-05-11 Ekorren Korntal-Münchingen
2013-06-16 Kobras Dettingen
2013-06-22 Kobras Schelklingen
2013-07-28 GeorgDerReisende Ulm, Zinglerstraße
2013-10-10 Hmpf Kaisersbach
2013-11-11 Ekorren Nehren
2013-12-09 Ekorren Tübingen


When Who Where & What
2014-03-04 Kobras, Ekorren Tübingen-Waldhäuser Ost
2014-03-11 Ekorren Tübingen-Weilheim
2014-03-30 Calamus Stuttgart, a tram line
2014-04-26 Ekorren Holzgerlingen, an industrial area called Geopark
2014-05-16 Ekorren Tübingen or Rottenburg - a forest location on the border.
2014-05-25 Ekorren Burladingen-Starzeln, some meadow at the Albtrauf
2014-07-03 Ekorren Pliezhausen-Dörnach, mud
2014-07-11 Ekorren Bad Urach, steep slope
2014-07-15 Ekorren Wannweil, someones backyard
2014-07-21 Ekorren Kirchheim unter Teck, forest
2014-09-20 GeorgDerReisende Stuttgart, on the Dornhaldenfriedhof
2014-12-01 Ekorren Tübingen-Bebenhausen, forest


When Who Where & What
2015-01-27 Ekorren Stuttgart, no trespassing
2015-03-27 Ekorren Tübingen-Kilchberg, forest
2015-04-04 DODO Stuttgart-Degerloch
2015-04-06 DODO Grafenheide
2015-06-12 Klaus Weil im Schönbuch
2015-08-28 Klaus northwest of Bebenhausen in Schönbuch forest
2015-09-11 Klaus, Ekorren in Reutlingen, on the railway track to Tübingen
2015-10-17 Hmpf Rettersburg
2015-10-19 Klaus northwest of Bebenhausen in Schönbuch forest (again!)
2015-10-24 MisterFog near by Burladingen, Swabian Alb
2015-11-11 Steingesicht Echterdingen, a bicycle way
2015-11-26 Klaus, Ekorren, Misterfog next to the street between Lustnau and Pfrondorf in a small (maybe fenced) area
2015-11-28 Saturday in the forest behind Waldhäuser-Ost, Tübingen


When Who Where & What
2016-03-30 Drei aus Korb Ein Wald bei Allmersbach im Tal, Germany
2016-04-22 Drei aus Korb Industriegebiet in Fellbach Schmiden, Germany
2016-04-23 Drei aus Korb Ein Acker bei Bietigheim-Bissingen / Ludwigsburg, Germany
2016-04-26 Drei aus Korb Ein Acker in Afalterbach, Germany
2016-04-30 Drei aus Korb, Steingesicht a meadow near Reudern (Nürtigen), Germany
2016-06-29 Steingesicht A field with salad in Filderstadt, Germany

Graticule ribbons[edit]

Fantom_XA earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (48, 9) graticule, here, on 2008-10-03.
This graticule (48 9) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of November 2008 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 6 successful expeditions.
This graticule (48 9) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of December 2008 in the category total expeditions by being the location of 4 expeditions.
This graticule (48 9) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of June 2010 in the category total expeditions by being the location of 5 expeditions.
This graticule (48 9) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of June 2010 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 5 successful expeditions.