2010-09-27 48 9

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Mon 27 Sep 2010 in 48,9:
48.4917467, 9.1360096

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On an intersection in the industrial area Mark West near the city of Reutlingen - the actual spot belongs to Kusterdingen, though.

Lazy people can take bus 7611 from Tübingen to Reutlingen to the stop "Aspenhaustraße" - or just stay on the bus and proceed, since it should pass right through the hash.




I took the beaten track through the Ehrenbachtal valley, visited the hash, and proceeded to Reutlingen. There wasn't actually anything special about this trip, it wasn't even a detour from the standard route to Reutlingen. So the only fact that makes it special was the Deja Vu geohash. If someone has doubts, I'll surely be able to provide some tracklogs.