Augsburg, Germany

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Stuttgart Augsburg München
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[edit] Map

Augsburg, Germany

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

47.83%	Fields
26.20%	Natural reserves
19.56%	Forests
2.11%	Settlements
2.09%	Roads
1.99%	Highways
0.22%	Water

As usual, these numbers are not actually based on reality. The actual chances will be totally diffent.

[edit] Upcoming hashes, attendance plans

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[edit] Past hashes

2011-08-04 48 10 Ordnungswidrig somewhat boring hash on a hayfield

2010-09-28 48 10 Matis

2010-04-13 48 10 zb got only close to the coords because they were on the grounds of the Rudolf-Diesel-Gymnasium (a rather huge high school) in Augsburg-Hochzoll and trespassing was no option. But hey, it was a detour of just a bit more than a block from his route anyway.

2009-09-28 48 10 Ekorren came by bike all the way from Tübingen to Langenau, completing a bicycle multihash.

2009-07-11 48 10 In a carrotfield about 15km southeast of Ulm. Hans and Tomcat tried in vain to reach the exact spot.

2009-06-08 48 10 Zb went to check out Lechhausen.

2009-03-26 48 10 ilpadre went tongue-twisting um Ulm herum.

2008-11-22 48 10 Das aug went and succeeded near Ulm on a snowy day.