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Mon 28 Dec 2009 in 48,9:
48.5974210, 9.1827508

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Walddorfhäslach, close to the B27 primary road, in a field.

Walddorfhäslach is a municipality formed from the villages of Walddorf and Häslach, so you can probably guess how they had the idea for that name. In the local dialect, Häslach sounds almost the same as hässlich which means ugly.

The hash was located about the same distance from both village centres.


ekorren was there.

Expedition by Ekorren[edit]

Didn't go by bike for various reasons, among them the fact that basically all smaller roads and ways were covered with a mean and almost invisible layer of ice.

Took a train to Reutlingen instead, from there went by bus to Häslach and walked out to the hash. I got as close as 17 metres. The field was very muddy, I wasn't sure about the crop that was planted there, and there was a farmer working on a neighbouring field, so I decided to leave it to the convention that you may call a hash reached if you could easily proceed but restrain out of respect for crop or nature.

That all wasn't very spectacular, and nothing really notable happened along the way either, so this might be the full report already ;-)