2014-05-25 48 9

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Sun 25 May 2014 in 48,9:
48.2995598, 9.0462197

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On the Schwäbische Alb, in a small side valley of the Killertal at the side of the Raichberg mountain. The spot was near Starzeln which belongs to Burladingen.




I hadn't really planned to go anywhere that day, but in the morning I spontaneously decided to reconsider that, packed a bit of stuff and, around noon, jumped on the bike and caught a train to Jungingen. This was less distance (both horizontally and vertically) than I could have covered by train, but it also was also one price step less.

So I left the train at Jungingen and started my way upwards. Ignored several warnings (see pictures) and went on. And there it was: A meadow, with trees, flowers, and nearby sheep, and a hashpoint. Ok, halfway up the Raichberg is... only halfway, and it's worth going all the way, so I continued the way further up, ignoring bad way conditions and steep slopes, and finally reached the top. After some sightseeing, I went back home again, this time all the way by bike.