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Sun 2 Oct 2011 in 48,9:
48.8560839, 9.6337055

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Welzheim-Breitenfürst, possibly a golfing site


Ekorren didn't get far since he wrecked his bike, clothes and himself along the way.


Well, as said above, I didn't get far.

I had planned to take a train to Schorndorf, proceed by bike to Rudersberg (I wanted to include a short stopover there for a non-geohashing reason), then by steam train to Welzheim. From there I would visit the hash and then decide on a nice afternoon tour, with several options considered.

Now, because of some events on the way to Schorndorf, I arrived there half an hour late and in an extremely bad mood, desperately trying to find a way to regain belief in the existance of terrestrial intelligent life. That, combined with the fact that I had to make up for the lost time if I were still to have a chance to catch the train at Rudersberg, meant riding too fast and with not enough concentration. Then there was that place where I noticed a little bit late that I should rather leave the official cycleway for a parallel road (over a short piece of gravel path), and definitely too late that there was a step down at the end of the gravel path. It was too late to stop in front of the step. In reflex, I tried to hit it at a less dangerous place slightly off the straight route inertia would have preferred, but probably that was exactly what I shouldn't have done, since it meant that the front wheel turned half-around in mid-air. However, I'm not sure I would have stayed on the bike otherwise either.

This was a rather nasty fall. There was no way how this expedition could be continued, not even with other transport - not only because I was hurt myself in several places but also because parts of my clothes were torn.

Anyway, I was able to unblock the wheels so the bike could be pushed, and get back to Schorndorf eventually, to take a train back home. Also there seem to be no really severe wounds. Two days later it still hurts and I wouldn't go back to cycling yet, but I'm confident I'll recover soon.