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Sat 22 Jun 2013 in 48,9:
48.3842603, 9.6385155

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A soccer field near Schelklingen.



I set out for this hash with my family for an easy Saturday afternoon trip. The hash location looked easily reachable, albeit in the middle of nowhere. It turned out that one of the roads we wanted to take was only open to rural traffic-not a big surprise, really. So we parked the car in Ingstetten, and walked the last mile. That's when we hit the real surprise for this journey: Although a series of deserted farm tracks, the way from Ingstetten to the geohash location was nicely signposted with a strange symbol, up to the very last corner! Wondering whether we'd uncovered the secret international geohashing emblem, we found the answer as soon as we had reached our destination: The geohash location in the middle of nowhere was actually at an old kickabout area, and right next to it, a few tents has been erected for a youth camp. Clearly unaware of the uniqueness of the location, some of the kids eyed us with a mixture of distrust and indifference, even we must have looked extra suspicious because geohashing alone not being nerdy enough, I had also dragged along my large-format analog camera. I guess carrying a baby on the arm makes anyone look innocuous!