2010-10-30 48 9

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Sat 30 Oct 2010 in 48,9:
48.8277738, 9.2624876

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At Fellbach-Schmiden, more or less inside a house.



Ekorren plans to go either before or after the Stuttgart-21 demonstration which starts at 15:00 in front of Stuttgart Hbf, and probably takes a few hours. That means the time to go there will definitely not be 16:00, but most probably between 13:00 and 14:00.

Further participants are welcome both to the demonstration and the hash. Please announce here if you plan to come, so we might be able to agree on a time.


Basically the reason to visit this hash was there being at least one expedition per month in the Stuttgart graticule. I had believed this series was already running for about one and a half year, but later found that I was wrong (there had been a gap inbetween). With the fact that I wanted to go to Stuttgart anyway, and this one was easy and fast to reach by public transport, it was a reasonable one to fill up October.

I got on my way early enough to have plenty of time - so I believed, and didn't take the fast and easy way but tried some detours. A few missed buses later, I still was sure it would be possible to get there and back to Stuttgart in time if not too much would go wrong.

The hash was supposed to be not far from Fellbach station, so the fastest way actually was to go there by train and walk out, instead of trying to find a bus to Schmiden. Schmiden appeared to be mostly a large boring living areas, probably mostly populated by people commuting to Stuttgart. Not at all worth seeing. Went there, tried to get as close as possible. The hash itself was in one of those boring living areas, and the hash in one of those boring houses, or maybe outside, but rather inside. Wherever. I didn't really care, since this was a graticule which housed so many successful hashes before, that one or less doesn't make the slightest difference. So, is there a category for Coordinates maybe reached?

Also, there was no reason for staying near the point, so I just left again and went into what remained of the old village centre of Schmiden, from the times when Schmiden still was a rural village. Continued the tradition of just missing the bus, but reached Stuttgart in time anyway.

Is it true that Ekorren earned the hash by getting far closer than GPS accuracy?
In principle, yes.
But he still tends to believe that the exact point was inside the house. (2010-10-30 48 9).
2010-10-30 48 9 HashHouse.JPG