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Thu 16 Apr 2009 in 48,9:
48.5179055, 9.1796329

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Someones backyard at Degerschlacht, a suburb of Reutlingen.

Expedition by Ekorren[edit]

This expedition was doomed to fail from the beginning. Fail, as in Failed to reach the coordinates, and fail, as in Nothing special to see, and not much to report. But you can't really skip coordinates in the < 10 km range, can you? And apart from that, there are a number of shops in Reutlingen and on the way I like to visit from time to time, so - whatever, let's go.

I started some time in the afternoon and went on beaten paths to Kirchentellinsfurt, there up into the hills, and with a little bit of geocacher's zigzag, to Degerschlacht. Followed the arrow until I found the hash house. The hashpoint was, just like expected, in a backyard, so not publicly accessible, although there was no gate in the fence. Got a view from a public footpath about 20 m from the hash, made a photo of the hashpoint, didn't leave a marker, forgot to make a photo of the GPS, explained geohashing to a local wondering why I took a photo just there, and went down to Reutlingen. Failed to buy what I was searching for, went on my way back home. A thunderstorm came up, I accelerated to "no idea how long I can keep that up" speed and before the lightning reached me, managed to get under the roof of a hardware store, where I waited for about half an hour until I could safely continue. Through cold rain, that is (hasn't stopped yet either), so I'm now wet and freezing.

That's it, basically. A total failure, and as such, it met the expectations. But if there is someone who can laugh about it, if it lets others feel better about their failures, then there is some good in it.