2011-03-03 48 9

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Thu 3 Mar 2011 in 48,9:
48.4989864, 9.1556156

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At Reutlingen-Betzingen, very close to the B28 trunk road.

The actual point looked on the aerial pictures like the dump of a gardener, which means that it's probably inaccessible. However, it turned out to be just at the edge of the dump, with a possibility to reach the point from the other side.


  • Ekorren was there by bike in the afternoon


Report still to be done. And it will be done this time. If not, remind me until I do.


¹Reutlingen-based company "Willi Betz" is the largest trucking company in Germany. They are well known for a variety of not-so-legal tricks to cut cost and get rid of competition.