2011-11-03 48 9

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Thu 3 Nov 2011 in 48,9:
48.5768965, 9.0201383

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In the middle of the Schönbuch forest. The actual point belongs to Ammerbuch.


Ekorren plans to bike out in the afternoon.


This was reasonably close, however, I wasn't too motivated. However, in the evening before, relet claimed in the IRC that there would be cookies at the location. So I went, of course.

Took the usual route via Bebenhausen, then climbed up the Postbotenweg (mailman's way), a very steep way which leads from Bebenhausen almost straight to the middle of nowhere. I actually wonder why the mailmen needed a short route to nowhere. After reaching the mountaintop, it wasn't difficult to get close to the hash. Luckily, there were some open spots in the forest, so reaching the hash wasn't hard either.

All in all it was a rather uneventful bike trip through the always nice Schönbuch forest. It was just that...

THE COOKIE WAS A LIE!!!!!11eleven