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Thu 2 Sep 2010 in 48,9:
48.5480555, 9.1303709

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Kirchentellinsfurt, in a large beet field at the hamlet Einsiedel.



Short version:

It was a really uncommonly large field, surrounding the field brought me not closer than 120 m to the hash, and it wasn't harvested yet. However, beet is a crop which is planted with some gaps, so if you choose your steps wisely, it's usually possible to cross such a field without harming any crop. Also, there are tractor tyre tracks every 20 m or so. Following the right one of these tracks for almost 500m brings you to the hash.

On a small detour on the way back I got a flat tire in the middle of the forest, 12 km from home - and, as this was only supposed to be a rather short evening trip, I hadn't brought any tools or spare parts. So I pushed the bike to the next station and waited for a train there.


  • <17 km riding the bike, including pushing it uphill where it was too steep
  • >5 km pushing the bike after the tire was flat
  • together 21.82 km
  • 7 km by train