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[edit] Upcoming locations, plans

[edit] 2014-09-20 48 9 (saturday)

The hash is located on the Dornhaldenfriedhof at Stuttgart, allowing collection of the Holy hash achievement. To get there, you can go in style using the historic funicular.

[edit] 2014-09-21 48 9 (sunday)

Inaccessible (private house) at Gruibingen.

[edit] 2014-09-22 48 9 (monday]

The hash is located at Neu-Ulm, Bavaria.

This is an incredibly rare location which occurs only about once every 4 years (including inaccessible ones) and AFAIR has not occured since the creation of geohashing. But:

The hash is inaccessible!

The point lies inside of an water protection area. Most of the water supplies for the city of Ulm are pumped out of the ground here. To keep the water clean, the area is fenced in and forbidden to enter. They are usually very strict about that at such places. The hash is more or less in the middle of the closed area, so there is no chance to get in.

- Cancelled - --Ekorren (talk) 12:01, 19 September 2014 (EDT)