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[edit] Upcoming locations, plans

[edit] 2015-09-11 48 9 (friday)

The hash is right between the two tracks of the main railway at Reutlingen West station. According to both OSM and Google Crashs it seems to be closer to the northern track, so taking a train that goes from Reutlingen to Tübingen should cover the hash. [b]Do not go there on foot. It's dangerous, forbidden, and may get quite expensive if you are caught.[/b] Since it's impossible to reach the hash without using a train, buying a train ticket solely to be able to pass the hash could earn you the Admit One achievement.

I already have plans for this day which don't include going to Reutlingen. I might be able to find time for this in the morning, though. If someone else is going to try this, please drop me a note. --Ekorren (talk) 09:45, 10 September 2015 (EDT)