2011-03-07 48 9

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Mon 7 Mar 2011 in 48,9:
48.6655710, 9.0891178

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Near Schönaich, in a forest close to the road from Schönaich to Steinenbronn.


  • Ekorren was there by bike and continued to Stuttgart afterwards


I had planned to hash around Karlsruhe this monday, but the hashes there were no good. There was more which convinced me to finally drop the Karlsruhe trip, and instead leave home a few hours later and go directly to Stuttgart. However, the weather was great, there was enough time to take the bike instead of the train to get to Stuttgart, and the hash was actually located almost perfectly half-way between home and Stuttgart. So this is what I did.

The route wasn't so easy: Up, up, down, up again, down again... but there wasn't really a choice, since I had to go almost exactly north, but the valleys and moountain ridges go all west-east.

After a few hours I reached the hash area and quickly found that it was located exactly under the entry lane of Stuttgart airport as it was used today. Every few minutes a plane passed over the hash. So the amount of unsuspecting airhashers was really large...

Found the exact point in the forest not far off the cycleway and the road, documented it, and went out of the forest again to a place where I could try to make a few photos of passing planes.

To continue to Stuttgart I chose a route right through the middle of the forest. As it turned out, that route went not only right through the middle of the forest, but also right through the middle of a military range! However, although the way I took was part of the military grounds, it was definitely publicly usable. Just, you couldn't leave it at many places. Go on, straight forward, along the fences, between two sided fences... but go on. At some point it will be open forest again.

Reached Stuttgart from Rohr, went into the inner city to pick up the stuff I had come for, and joined the weekly demonstration against the totally useless Stuttgart-21 construction project and all its negative side effects. Back home, I took the train.