2013-04-07 48 9

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Sun 7 Apr 2013 in 48,9:
48.5354031, 9.1080671

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Outside Tübingen-Lustnau, next to the weir of some kind of hydroelectric installation (according to the signs).

Expedition: nick_mz[edit]

Not being in possession of a bicycle, I went for a slightly longer walk. However, on the way back the sun came out, changing the expedition into one of my first walks in the sun in this rather dark year.

Expedition: ekorren[edit]

Well, I had never expected that someone else would go there as well. Also, I hadn't really planned anything, just like... might go if I find some time. Well, then I thought time was good and wanted to go there... which turned out to be not the best of all ideas. Not because of the hash, but because someone didn't expect me to want to leave for a while. Well, it turned out all well in the end, on the price of buying and delivering some pizza afterwards.

So... I went there. By bike as usual, and that's probably all there is to say about it.

Gallery: nick_mz[edit]

Gallery: ekorren[edit]